Name:Skylar W

Summary of Work done in Introduction to Computer Science 2008-2009

Summary Reflection of the Year

I think the most important thing I have learned this year is the skill of collaboration, I learned that you have to be considerate of the other team members time zones and schedules. The most interesting technology would definitely be the iPod touch because you can do basically anything technical on it without a second thought. My three favorite thing we have done during this course was filming for the Wall Street Journal, being filmed by all the different film crews, and working on so many projects in our groups. I think technology should be used in every class no matter what the subject. It can improve our ability to succeed in the future.

Global Collaboration

I participated in the Flat Classroom Project during our first semester and after our break I participated in the Net Gen Education collaborative project.

Flat Classroom Project

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For this video I interviewed two of my friends here at Westwood. I asked them to tell me their favorite educational websites.

In the Flat Classroom Project I discussed the ways wireless connectivity has changed the face of education forever. My video discussed all the different websites and programs you can use everyday at school to do projects for your classes.I also discussed how it has changed the government system and employment.

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Flat Classroom Project Links:

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Flat Classroom Project Connections:

Alaina M (WHS) -
Julica B (GHS)-
Katie W (CHS)-

Becky C (VHS)
Ariana S (QA) -
Heather W (GHS)-
Shaylah B(CHS)
Kara M (WHS)
Skylar W (WHS)
Ahmed Z AIS-R-(American English)
Megha K (PLC)
Lewis C

Flat Classroom Conference

The Flat Classroom Conference was an extremely collaborative version of the Flat Classroom Project. We spent a lot of our time editing our wikis and trying to get all of our videos and projects to work correctly.

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NetGenEd Project

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I talked about using Skype and GoogleDocs in this video. I showed to friends using GoogleDocs to create a party invitation.

In the NetGenEd Project I was in the Collaboration and Cloud Computing. I learned that we use both everyday. I learned they are basically programs like GoogleDocs and Skype.

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NetGenEd Project Links:

NetGenEd Project Connections:

Blake H- KS - NZ
Jessica Y.-SHS- USA
HeleneL - SAI - Bangalore, India


1.Google Docs
2.Westwood Ning
3.Digiteen Ning
4.Digiteen Wikispaces
5.Ajax Writer
6.Zoho Writer
8.Youth Voices
9.Microsoft Word
10.Microsoft PowerPoint
11.Microsoft Excel
12.Adobe Photoshop
13.Think Free
15.Mozilla Firefox

17. FlatClassroomProject
19.FlatClassroom Wiki
20. NetGenEd Project
21. NetGenEd Wiki