Skype - A free (open source) online program that you can use to call others who also have skype.
Conferencing - Allows you to call up to 9 people.
Skypecast - By going to you may join live skype conversations about a variety of topics. Up to 100 people may join.

Skypecast Etiquette

How Skype Can Be Used in the Classroom

  • Skype can be used to teach all of the kids and in a fun way, It is better that just a boring lecture
  • Skype can be used in the classroom by uesing the conferances options to help with classwork.
  • In the classroom, skype is great for sharing notes, collaborating, keeping up with other group activities, and asking questions or discussing things with your teacher. You can have as many chats with as many different groups of people as you want/need.
  • Having a regular classroom chat on skype is usually a great idea so that students can keep up with the things that must be done during that class period and throughout the rest of the day or week.

Skype Safety

  • To be safe dont put any personal information on your site.