We are using Excel 2007 and will also be using some other programs. We have created pages of information about Excel 2007 to help you get started.

Ex 1-Start Excel, The Excel Window, Excel Menu and Toolbars, Explore the Worksheet Using the Mouse and Keyboard, Change Between Worksheets, The View Menu,and Exit Excel
Ex 2- Create a New (Blank) Workbook, Create a Workbook from a Template, Enter Labels, Make Simple Corrections, Undo and Redo, Delete (Clear) Cell Contents, Save a Workbook, Document Recovery, Close a Workbook
Ex 3- Open files, Change from Workbook to Workbook, Arrange Workbooks, AutoComplete, Pick From List, AutoCorrect, and Spell Check
Ex 4: Numeric Labels and Values, Enter Dates, Create a Series, Data Alignment, and Change Column Width
Ex 5: Enter a Formula