This is a virtual interview of our 9th and 10th grade classes. It may be published in an upcoming journal. I want you to be honest but professional. Contributors will be cited with parent permission.

1. Why do you use MySpace?

Why I do use myspace:

  • I use myspace to make new friends and to talk to my friends out of school.
  • I use myspace to find new music and upcoming concerts
  • I use MySpace to keep in touch with friends from other schools.
  • I use Myspace to meet people.
  • I use Myspace to talk and and interact with my friends.
  • I use Myspace talk to people that are not online at the time or that I havent seen in a long time.
  • I use Myspace so I can keep up with all my friends and family. Our youth intern from this past summer has Myspace and that is how i keep in touch with him. I can find new bands to listen to and i keep track of where some of my favorite bands are touring. I like using Myspace because its yours, you can make it to your satisfaction. Its just a little part of you that you can share with friends.
  • I use myspace to talk to my friends that do not go to the same school as me and talk to my friends at school when we are not in school.
  • I use MySpace to talk to all my friends and talk to my firends that I hardly see that go to diferent schools or live far away.
  • I use Myspace to stay connected to my friends and relatives that I do not see very often.
  • I use it to stay in touch with friends and keep up to date with things.
  • I use MySpace to stay in touch with my friends from other schools.

Why I don't use myspace:

  • I don't like myspace because there are some bad people that look for younger kids.
  • I do not use myspace because I do not want to jepordize my chances at getting a job.
  • I don't use Myspace because my parents have the wonderful AFA filter.
  • I don't use myspace because I have dial up and it takes FOREVER to load the site.
  • I don't use Myspace because my parents think that Myspace has bad people that go on Myspace and there are bad things on there to.
  • I don't use myspace because its a very bad web site and it is so bad my parents made me get rid of mine.

2. Should Myspace be banned?

Some schools and school districts have banned MySpace because of the danger of online predators. What is your opinion of this?

1 voted Yes.
17 voted No.

3. How do you handle online "problems?"

Have you ever been approached by someone you considered to be "suspect". If so, how did you handle the situation?
  • If they have no picture you can go to their site and check them out.
  • I do not have much to do with anyone I do no know or sound suspicious.
  • You can ask people at your school or ask your friends.
  • I will always look at someone's page before I decide whether or not to add them to my friends.
  • I don't add people that I don't know.
  • I do not talk to people I do not know and I block them if they keep annoying me.
  • I have my profile set to private so that only the people that i approve of can see my page. Also, if anyone I dont know asks me to be their friend I dont approve.
  • I have my profile set to private and when someone adds me I make sure I know them.
  • I dont run into them because I am safe on the internet.
  • I don't add people I do not know...I do not talk to people I do not know
  • I exit the website.
  • I don't accept a friend request, and I have a private site so I wont have any "peeping Toms".
  • I just ignore them or I get off the computer fast.
  • You dont put anything about what you look like or where you live.
  • If its personal, then keep it personal.

4. Online Safety for Teens by Teens

Can you suggest 5 or 6 DO's and 5 or 6 DONT's for teens using mySpace in order to stay safe?


  • Be careful.
  • Use common sense.
  • Use a fake name or all of your Identities on charooms and the like. Completly fake! (Not even your first name.)
  • Only add people that you know.
  • Set your page to private.
  • If you have pictures make sure only people you know can see them.
  • Never post things that you don't want everyone to see.
  • Use Myspace in moderation.
  • Be sure to have a social life in the real world and not just on Myspace
  • Keep your information private...don't get on Myspace to meet people, if you do not know who they are.
  • Have pictures of you with all of your friends and dont say which one you are.

Do Not's

  • Do not give out any personal information whatsoever. Don't mention your age, school, address, phone number, full name, or anything else someone could use to find you.
  • Do not add anyone you do not know personally.
  • Never arrange to meet anyone without taking a parent or adult you trust. Meeting someone off of the internet can be very dangerous.
  • Never ever ever give out names of anyone, like your friends.
  • Never let somone call you or even e-mail you and do not call somone or e-mail somone you do not know.
  • Never put pictures of yourself alone.
  • Do not set your page so that everyone in the world (including your boss) can see.
  • Do not ask to meet them.
  • Never tell them where you live.
  • Don't post pictures of yourself in provocative poses.
  • Don't let your self get addicted, and spend all your time on myspace.
  • Don't give our your address, phone number, cell number, city, or name.
  • If you post a picture of yourself with alot of other people, don't point yourself out.
  • If you don't know who is sending the friend request, don't accept it.

5. Online Socializing

What would you regard as the advantages of socializing online compared to socialising in the real world?
  • Well in the online world you can chat with people around the world. I have a freind from Sweden that i enjoy chating with because we both share a common interests. I can be much safer this was because she doesnt know who I am, where I live (like state) or how to contact me with out me wanting her to. Vise versa as well.
  • You can talk to people that you know that live far away or that you never get to see.
  • Socializing online is incomparable to real-life socializing. You need to be sure to get out from behind your computer and talk to your friends in real life. Otherwise, you'll end up a 40 year old unmarried loser, who doesn't have any real friends. It's alright to socialize on the internet, just have a life. If you spend all of your time online, you might find yourself saying lol in an actual conversation.

6. Myspace Educational Opportunities?

Have you found any educational advantages of using mySpace?

  • I have found that a lot of the time I won't get all of my homework assignments. My friends and I will post certain assignments and help each other out if we need it. This is usually faster than calling them and talking on the phone. This way you can have all of their ideas and in put at the same time.
  • I have a friend who used myspace to test out her graphics programing with. She can see if it works and get other people's opinions.
  • Your friends can tell you your homework if you were sick and they can show you how to do math rather than just tell you.
  • I use Myspace to sometimes tell people what they have missed for school

7. Web 2.0 and Education

Have you found any educational advantages in other Web 2.0 tools?
  • Yes, they help you learn and how to use new software.
  • Yes, I can use different software at my discretion without having to pay for anything but the Internet!
  • Yes, they have helped me prepare for the future of Web 2.0

8. How can myspace benefit students?

Do you think schools could actually use mySpace in some way, rather than banning it or ignoring it, and if so, how?


  • Yes, it could be educational if it was used in the right way.
  • Yes, I do think it could posible used for collaborative projects.
  • Yes, if students don't abuse the privaledge.
  • Yes, you could get to know classmates better.
  • Yes, Teachers could send homework to their students that missed that day.
  • Yes, if you are colaborating about a project or something that you have to do together, you are able to talk to people without them having to be on at the same time.
  • Yes, Teachers could give students assignments or group projects and they could set up their own myspace and create and show things on it.
  • People could possibly create "fake" myspace profiles to explain the ethical and unethical way to conduct oneself on myspace or what you can or cannot put on myspace for other people to look at.
  • Yes, any thing that you can do to learn intuitively is a very "go get 'em program".
  • Yes, schools can use them to get students to know each other better.
  • I think that it can be used as an example of keeping online security.


  • I think that Myspace and school should be kept separate. I believe schools should ignore Myspace completely. I personally don't use Myspace, but if I did, I would not want it to be a part of school. I try to keep my social life and academic life separate.