Instant Style

Inventor: Sydney Singleton
Fashion Forward

Description of product

Instant Style is the go to product for those days when you just don't have any time to fix your hair. It's basically a type of hat that you can put on your head when you're in a rush. Once you put the Instant Style on your head, you then choose a hairstyle from the app. And once you decide on a hairstyle, it will start working on your hair. Each hairstyle takes approximately 3 minutes. When it is finished, it will beep to let you know. Then you can take the Instant Style off and you're ready to go!



The following technologies have converged to make this technology possible:
  • hair dryer
  • curling iron
  • straightener
  • iPhone
  • internet

Internet Access

You will use the Instant Style app to choose from the many hairstyles available. Each hairstyle comes from the web and we then put them on the app. The app will connect to the Instant Style headpiece via bluetooth.



Abby Kennedy, Erin Smith, Emily Williams, Lori Bentley, Isabella Bowden, Mckinley Calhoun, Gage Mock, Payne Bowles, and Graci Caldwell