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Consider Youtube
I like Youtube, and anyone that hasn't tried it, should.
Lose Yourself
This contains pictures of people that have lost themselves.
Facing The Giants
This is a great, inspirational movie.
Collaboration Differences Between Wiki and Writely
Collaborating on these two programs was a great learning experience, and may be helpful in the future.
Writely and Word
These are two different processing softwares.

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Controlling Procrastination




I take part in two of the long term goal setting videos, Movie 3, and I'm part of the bloopers in Movie 4. In Movie 3, I am Dr. Pepper, the "Movie Star Expert."

Planning For the Future


I would like to be a physical personal trainer. I would have to go to college and get a sports medicine degree. I have always be into training to improve the body, and I would like to find a career in it.

Another job that would be an adrenaline rush every day would be the S.W.A.T. team. Being an expert in Law Enforcement would be so awesome. Busting drug dealers, taking care of hostage situations, and anything that life could throw at me, would be fun.

Building custom Hot Rods would be so awesome. Owning a custom hot rod shop would be a lot of fun, and I would be able to create and design some really nice custom cars.


I would like to attend the University of Georgia as my first choice. My second choice would be either Valdosta State Unitversity or Georgia Southern University. I would like to major in Sports Medicine at any of these three universities.