Technology Trends that will be Analyzed

Computer Fundamentals - 9th grade
You will go to the following pages to post your conclusions on this topic. They should be no more than 3 sentences.


Technology Trends Analysis Instructions

Each phase of this project should be saved for your portfolio. You will be analyzing a major trend in technology and combine it with your knowledge. My goal is that you will become adept at technology trend analysis for a lifetime.


1)Read the 1 page assignment concerning a technology trend.
2)In the “Write” box write what you have learned. You may not go outside the box.
3)In the “Draw” box draw an example of something in this technology trend.
4)When instructed, you will talk about the Technology Trend with a partner and share information with them. Take notes in the “Talk” Box.
5)After sharing information with your partner, concisely rewrite what you have learned about this technology trend. This should be in complete sentences and you may use no more than three.
6)Post your conclusion to the class wiki about this trend
7)Turn in the Write-Draw-Talk-Rewrite worksheet to Mrs. Davis. It will be returned to you and will go in your portfolio.

BONUS – Your choice:

  • Wiki - You may post additional information to the wiki concerning resources on the Internet about this topic/
  • Blog – You may blog about this topic and include at least 2 hyperlinks.
  • Podcast – You may record up to a 3 minute podcast about this topic. After allowing Mrs. Davis to listen, you will upload it to the Internet and post a hyperlink on the wiki. You may do this with up to two other people.
  • Video – You may use your webcam to record a video about this topic. After editing and allowing Mrs. Davis to review the video, you may upload this to the class video account and create a hyperlink to the wiki. You may do this with one other person.
  • Graphic Design – You may use graphics software on the computer to create a graphic illustration or poster of this. You may print it on the color laser and post it on the back bulletin board.

Please make sure that you write down what you’ve done for bonus and put it in the box. You may type up the description and include the hyperlink to the bonus for inclusion in your portfolio for bonus credit.

You may do a bonus project of your choice after completing regularly assigned classwork. You have two weeks after a project is discussed to do bonus for that project.

Note: Some of these technologies may be learned later in the year. After we have taught them you may use them. If we haven’t covered a technology yet, you will need to come in during study hall by appointment for instruction.