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Final Video

As your final video, each student will summarize a different technology. This video should include the following:
A brief description of this technology
A sample of how it is used in the classroom and real life. (At least 1 example for each with a screenshot.)
Screen shots of the technology
An interview with 1-2 people about how they use the technology
A brief tutorial/ tour is worth bonus.

It should have the proper Creative commons License.
This video should be uploaded the Digiteen Dream Team youtube channel and embedded here. If you do not wish it to go on the channel, see me for alternate embedding.

Applications Proficiency

Word Processing

Word Processing Artifact #1: My Best Fax
Program Used: Microsoft Word

Word Processing Artifact #2:My Best Google Doc
Program used: Google Docs


Spreadsheet Artifact:
Program used: Microsoft Excel

Spreadsheet Artifact:
Program Used: Google Forms/ Spreadsheet


PowerPoint Artifact

Online Proficiency


Blog Post #1: My Best Blog
Why this exemplifies my best work:This is one of my favorites because I enjoyed doing this project so it was easy and fun to write the blog post
Hyperlink and/or copy:

Blog Post #2
My Second Best Blog Post
Why this exemplifies my best work:This is one of my best because it took me alot of time and effort to do this blog post.
Hyperlink and/or copy:

Blog Post #3
My Third Best Blog Post
Why this exemplifies my best work:This is one of my best blogs because it tells about me so it was fun and easy to write.
Hyperlink and/or copy:

Wikis and Collaboration

Wiki #1 - Lesson Wiki - Using the wiki to teach a lesson to others. Group collaboration.
Hyperlink:My Best Lesson WIki

Wiki #2 - International Wiki Collaboration - Using the wiki to collaborate international on a current trend and event. (Digiteen)
Hyperlink:My Best International Wiki

Wiki #3 - Another wiki (Description)
Hyperlink: Other Wiki

Digiteen Dream Team

I have worked on basically everything. I wrote blogs, created rooms on virtual worlds,tested new virtual worlds, helped new people on virtual worlds, taught the class how to do certain things like build on the virtual world, and got people started to learn how to build on virtual worlds. I started with Google Lively to teach 7th Grade students about internet safety.My Best Blog This is a link that will take you to my blog about it. Then we did our project tied into our digiteen project My Best International Wiki. In December Google shut Lively down so I started using other virtual worlds.Now I am working on our new virtual world building places where we can teach other people around the word about internet safety. DigiteenDreamTeam will show you some of the things my class and I did. I also talked to kids all around the world through the wiki. Me and my teacher also talked and communicated through google docs my projects through My Best Google Doc .

Programs & Websites Used this Year

Reaction Grid

Digiteen International Wiki
Remember the MIlk
Poll Daddy
Adobe Photoshop
One Note
Reaction Grid