virtuosity image.png

App Presentation

Team Members:
Brock A, Gracie B, Jason P, Connor S, Erin N

App Overview

Scoring: 60 points broken down as follows (10 points - originality, 10 points - usefulness, 20 points - a proven need or benefit for the users of this app, 20 points graphic design)

Insert the advertising copy that will be included with your app in the app store. This should be at least 5 paragraphs and must include every single functionality that you have.

  • What is my user getting by downloading this app?
The user gets an entertainment app full of art.

  • Does your app have undocumented or hidden features? If so, it may be disqualified. Every single feature must be included in the app overview.
There is no undocumented or hidden features in this app.

  • Who is the target audience for this app?
The target audience for this app is people who love art.

  • What is the need this app is meeting for that audience?
A place to get inspired by art and see new art.

App Information (10 points)

  • What is the name of your app?
  • Are there other apps in the store with this name?
There is no app with the same name.
  • What is your byline for the app?
"It's like an art museum on phone"

App Functionality (15 points)

Judges will use the online simulator to test for phase 1, but include your app evaluation code here. Every app must have a code.
  • Does your app work as advertised?
  • Is my app just a bundle of various app links or is it really providing some functionality as an app to the user who downloads?
It provides a place for people to look at nice art and be inspired

  • Is your app just a marketing tool or does it do anything else?
This app is a marketing tool that exhibits art for the enjoyment of others.
  • Is every part of this app working? If you you have parts that are not working, please explain why not and the steps you will take for the app to be completed within 2 weeks of receiving the green light.
No. Our designs are not uploaded onto the app completely.
App Evaluation Code:
Mrs. Davis will generate this for you upon request. You may email her. Submit this without the code and make sure every link on your homepage has a link so that the code can be generated.

App Store Submission Questions (15 points)

(if these do not have answers that Apple wants, you may be disqualified on that basis.)
1. Is your app a song or movie or book?
2. Do you mention anything besides Apple products or another store in your app like Google play or Windows phone?
3. Do you use the same font and font size throughout the document? Do you use title case?
yes and yes


Alpha testers of this product
Remember that every team member must alpha test the app
Name of Alpha Tester
Date of Alpha testing (Make sure the form is turned into the folder)
Beta Testers
Each app should have 2 Beta testers (at a minimum) who have tested their app. This is a person not on your team.
Name of Beta Tester
Date of Beta Testing (Make sure the form is turned into the folder)

4. Does your icon look like apps bundled with the Iphone?
virtuosity image.png
Our icon does not look like apps bundle with the Iphone.

5. Do you have any app screens that look like the apple home screen. If so, include a screenshot and explain how it is being used and why is it in the app.
No. Our app screens are completely original.

Team Responsibilities

Please include any responsibilities of team members. Add additional ones, but these must be included as a minimum. Every team member must have responsibilities.

Members of this team are: Brock A., Gracie B. Jason P., Connor S.

Individual Responsibilities

Team Member
Description of Work Accomplished
Project Manager
Brock A
Tried to equally distribute workload
Assistant Project Manager
Jason P
Tried to work my end in another class
Logo Design
Jason P
Made the logo on PS
Home Screen Design/Nav
Jason P
Finished the navigation and button layout of home screen
Brock A/Gracie B
Need to add html page
Advertising Copy
Connor S
Created and edited the page
App Questions
Connor S/Jason P
Connor and Jason created the page and worked on some of the questions.
Lead Presentation Designer
Gracie B

Presentation Script
Gracie B

Wiki Page Editor

Testing Spreadsheet Creator
Connor S
Created it and edited it
HTML page creator
Brock A