For this project, you will be asked to create a video of any length on the following topic. The only requirement is that it be shot in 720 x 480 resolution. We will shoot the video and then learn how to transform it in QuickTime on Thursday. You may work in teams or as individuals.

Video that is approved by me and Coach Ross will be forwarded to the Wall Street Journal on Friday.

Ideas for videos:

Some of the questions we need to answer:

Why do children and teens need to know about your topic?
What are the things that most students don't know about your topic?
What did you do for the Digiteen project?
What do schools need to be doing to educate their students about digital citizenship?
Is this a good way to do it?

Assignment tag (this tag must be included on your page in order to be graded!): 8_12_2008_cf

New Students

You will need to Join this space, by clicking the button on the left.

Topics / Storyboards

You decide which topic you'd like to cover and set up your own teams, be sure to include our new students. Post your topic idea below. Your storyboard should be on the wiki page that you make for this below. They are due on Monday.

Use the template: WSJ_project when you create your page.

Mrs. Vicki's Digiteen WSJ Video

Kaycie, Kayla, and Will's WSJ Video

Skylar, Joy, and Shelby's WSJ Video

Hunter, Taylor, and Michaels WSJ Video

Kathryn and Annabelle's WSJ Video

Jake E.and Jake K. WSJ Video