Here you will create the page for your Web 2.0 project. A site may be claimed by only one student in either class. You may add an RSS feed to your Web 2.0 page for BIG bonus on the final project.

Web 2.0 Website Project Listing - Clark Jenna -Rachel
purevolume - Ivy
zefrank flowers - Elizabeth S.
google answers - Danielle
crisscross - josh
frappr - Brittany - Jan
netcocktail - banks
studybuddy- Kyli
picaboo - grace ann
Zvents -Lauryn
Friendster - Christina
genielab- Chad S
MusicMobs -Brett
Talkr - James
planzo - Madison L.
eyespot- Brandon J
arcaplay-Justin S Taylor H
Bunchball - Kiley W -Ty

Tricks on adding an RSS feed to your wiki page:

1) Go to the page you want to get the feed from and look for the little XML or RSS "chicklet on the page"
2) Right click and select "Copy Link Location" or "Copy Shortcut"
3) Look at the instructions and when you type the code in your wikispace, paste in the URL that you just copied.
4) Remember if you want to just have the titles, then set description=false
Hint: You may go to the home page of the wikispace and click edit to look at the code I created. Look don't touch!

Great places to get feeds: