The students of Computer Science are using their Web 2.0 knowledge to help bring the entire school into the wonderful world of Web 2.0.

How can we use technology safely, wisely, and effectively in ways that show our winning attitude and commitment to excellence in all we do?


When you set up a hyperlink, paste the full hyperlink and description here so that we may find it easily. Follow the format of the first group.

Project Manager: Hilliary
Description of Use: We have a preapproved group for Westwood supporters to join where we will invite people to participate on this group and upload their photos and discuss the photos. Although the group and photos can be viewed publicly, you must be a member of the group to post the photos.
Link to Planning Web Page: Flickr Group

Project Managers: Sara Ann, Gracie, & Kaitlyn
Description of Use: This is a website where anyone who is a member can edit adn post new articles about Westwood.


Go to our brainstorming page to suggest your idea. Please put them on the brainstorming page. The categories below have been pasted there so you may group your ideas.


I. Internet Safety

Kristi, Lindsey, Coley, Sumner
A. Elementary Internet Safety- Webkins - Betsy, Kyndall, and BrayAnna
B. Upper School Internet Safety
C. Internet Safety Video Series - Mitch, Joseph, Tayler

II. Communications

A. Website Redo and Gillian, Sarah, Hilliary (Graphics)
B. School Wide Social Network - Christopher, Lee, Tristan
C. Teacher Wiki Project and Test Calendar - Dustin and Ilissa
D. Google Map Project - Parker, Andrew A, -- All directions, schools, etc. on the google map
E. School News Wiki - Kaitlyn, Sara Ann, Gracie
F. Private Facebook Group - Mrs. Vicki
G. Private Myspace Group - Mrs. Vicki
H. Flickr Group- Hilliary (will feed into the website)
I. Student Information Sharing - Jamie Flashcards, Student notes, Hwk Calendars
J. Training - Teaching teachers, parents, students how to safely and correctly use all tools.

III. Implementation and Maintenance

A. Moderators - All students in this class will be moderators. We all will discuss what we'll do to manage everything that is set up.
B. Welcome Package- A place where newcomers can go to find all of the information about how to become involved in Westwood's spaces.
C. Rules of Involvement- The rules that we should agree to and require our members to use.

Future Ideas

Ideas that are slated to be done in this class are here.
  • Integration of Text Messaging with Calendar
  • Student note sharing w/ Pentop computing
  • Wildcast (ustream, podcast network)