Summary of Work done in Introduction to Computer Science 2008-2009

Summary Reflection of the Year

This year was a good year in Computer Science class! We lots of fun stuff. The most fun thing that we did this year was the virtual worlds. It was really fun being able to create a avatar and fly around in the virtual world! I've learned alot about global collaboration this year, i took place in the Flat Classroom project and the Net Gen Ed project. The most interesting technonlgy that i learned about was the virtual worlds, they were a lot of fun! My favorite 3 things were: the virtual worlds, the Net Gen Ed project, and the Flatclassrom Project. I think that technology can only be used correctly in education, if the students like it!!!!

Global Collaboration

I participated in the following global collaborations

Flat Classroom Project

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Flat Classroom Project Links:

Flat Classroom Project Connections:

Ashley CHS
BreAnna N. GHS
Sarah K. AIS-R
Meghan K. SIS

Flatclassroom Project Overview:

My topic on the Flatclassroom was Google - Social Entrepreneurship. I researched how Google is taking over the world. Social Entrepreneurship is using trends that are likely to change the world.

Flat Classroom Conference

This January, the Flat Classroom Conference was held in Doha, Qatar.

Cultural Video - Me and Kaycie E.

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NetGenEd Project

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My topic was Smart Objects. My Net Gen Norm was Entertainment. This project was very interesting.


NetGenEd Project Links:

NetGenEd Overview:

On the Net Gen Ed Project, I was part of Smart Objects & Entertainment. I researched how entertaining smart objects (like QR codes or the Nintendo Wii) and find ways to use these technologies in education.

NetGenEd Project Connections:

Karla. SWHS, USA
Casey H. HHS, USA

Jack M-S, Kristin School, NZ

Information Technology

Convergence as we Speak

Convergence: the coming together of two or more different technologies to form one singular technology.

Device Classification

Classification is where you can sort out what technologies go where.

My Invention

My invention was the iCrave. Type in whatever you are craving to eat, and the iCrave makes it!


Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft PowerPoint
Adobe PhotoShop
Google Docs
Google Spreadsheets