Hour of Code Teaching Lesson

Date of lesson: 12/11/13
Grade you'll be teaching: 4th grade Woodall
What app will you be using: Tynker and Scratch
Team Leader (s): Elizabeth and Jason
Team Members: Elizabeth, Jason, Patrick, and Connor


We will start off the class by showing them some of the other successful programmers in the world and give them examples of programming that they see everyday. We will then introduce them to Tynker and then Scratch and then set them loose with their helper. Their helper must be able to get through Puppy Adventure Complete and know enough about Scratch to help them make a game.

Introduction and Hook

What will be your "hook" for today?(Think music, costumes, what you'll say to make them excited to learn, remember that some are nervous, define programming or what they'll be doing and remember that they already saw the code.org video.)
We will use a super hero theme to get their attention and have super hero music playing in the background, the music will be the Indiana Jones theme song. To tie this in with programming we will say that it is like having superpowers because if you can program you can do anything on the computer.
Who will welcome students: Patrick
What will be the instructions: They will do the puppy adventure (complete) on Tynker and if they get to at least level 15 and feel confident then they can try to program their own game on Scratch. If they don't feel confident then they can continue working on Tynker until time is up.
What will be on the board: We will be on the Tynker website with music playing in the background.
Who will be "running" the computer: Connor first and then Elizabeth
What will be on the student computers: They will be on the Tynker website.
Will the student computers be logged in with a certain ID? They will be logged on with the ninth grader's accounts and they will have their own email if they want to make an account on Scratch.

During Class

List what will be done in class -- list the approximate amount of time on each (if you know).
1.We will explain a little bit about what programming is and then tell them what they will be doing today. We will show them Tynker and then Jason's game on Scratch and explain to them about how to make a game on Scratch. 15 minutes
2. They will then work on Tynker with their helper and try to finish Puppy Adventure complete. 10 minutes
3. If they feel confident enough and want to they can work on Scratch and try to make their own game and if not they can play more on Tynker. 15 minutes

Ending Class

We will start wrapping up class five minutes till the bell rings so that they can finish what they are on and save anything they may want to.

Additional Material


Elizabeth and Connor will make the handouts.

Additional Jobs

Who will be your "photographer":
Patrick will be the photographer. He will take pictures of the children and 9th grade students while helping explain the games to the children.

Anything you need from Mrs. Davis?
We will need the front computer and projector and we will need to notify Mr. Woodall that the kids need to bring a email address with them if they want to save anything and use this later. If they do not bring one it is okay because they can play on our accounts.
Reflection and Evaluation
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