Exercise 11:

By: Christopher, BrayAnna, Lindsey,Coley, and Joseph


Copy - To create a duplicate of a selection and move it to the Clipboard.


Use Copy and Paste
Purpose- to copy existing text from one location and paste it in another location.

  • Use the copy and paste feature to copy existing text from one location in a document and paste it to another lcoation.
  • The Copy command stores a duplicate of selected text on the Clipboard, leaving the original selection unchanged.
  • The Paste command pastes the selection from the Clipboard to the insertion point location.
  • You can access the Copy and Paste commands from the Edit menu, the Standard toolbar, from a shortcut menu, or with keyboard shortcuts.
  • You can store up to 24 selections on the Clipboard at one time.
  • Use the clipboard Task Pane to choose which selection to paste into the document.

Use the Drag and Drop Feature to Copy
Purpose- a quick way to copy

  • To use the drag and drop copy feature, use the mouse to highlight the chosen text, right click it, and drag it to chosen place.
  • The Drag-and-Drop feature is convenient when you can see the text to copy and the new location on the screen at the same time.