Exercise 12
Taught by: Gillian, Jamie, Betsy, Kristi

Open a document as Read-Only this is a safeguard against accidentally making changes to a document.
  1. To save a document as read-only
  2. Go to file open
  3. Select the document you want to open as read only
  4. Go down to the open button and press the down arrow and select read only

Open a document from Windows

Use Windows Start Menu to open a document and start Word at the same time.
  1. Click Documents in the Start menu to select from a list of recently used files.
  2. Locate and open any document using Windows Explorer.

Document Properties

With this feature, you can save info that is unique to a particular document. It also lets you enter info. In five categories. Three of the more useful categories are:
  1. General properties: type of document, its size, its location, when it was created, last accessed, and last modified.
  2. Summary properties: document title, subject, author, keywords, and comments.
  3. Statistics properties: number of pages, paragraphs, lines, words, characters, and bytes in the document.

File Types

Files are saved in different file types, depending on the application used to create, save, and open the file.
Windows and Windows Applications: file types can be identified by teh file extension and by the file icon.
Word 2002: can open documents saved in compatible file types.
You can also save a compatible file in its original file type or as a Word document file.save_file_as.JPG
Some common file types include the following:
  1. Word document files (.doc)
  2. Word template files (.dot)
  3. Text Files (.txt)
  4. Web pages (.htm)
  5. Excel workbooks (.xls)
  6. Access databases (.mdb)
  7. PowerPoint presentations (.ppt)

Use Basic Search to Find a File

This feature can help you find a file stored anywhere on your computer system, even if you can't remember the file name. Use it to locate file that contains specified text in its title, contents, or properties.
  1. Enter text in the Search text box to locate files containing that text.The text may be in the body of the file, or in the document properties.serch.JPG
  2. If you need any more Microsoft help try this Mricrosoft help web site-Microsoft help website