Exercise 5

by: Joseph,Coley,Lindsey,Christopher,& Bray

Skills covered:

  • Format a business letter
  • Insert time and date in a document
  • Use uppercase mode
  • Change case in a document

Table of Contents


  • Full block: A style of letter in which all lines start flush with the left margin-that is, without a first-line indent.
  • Modified block: A style of letter in which some lines start at the center of the page.
  • Salutation: The line at the start of a letter including the greeting and the recipient's name, such as Dear Mr. Doe.
  • Computer's Clock: The clock/calendar built into your computer's main processor to keep track of the current date and time.
  • Case: The specific use of upper or lowercase letters.

To Insert the date and time in a document in Word you go to Insert then down to Date and Time. This is an Example:

To get some tips how to format a business letter go to this website: