Page Numbers: Word 2 - 24
Please check the class calendar for all due dates!


You will have mastered this section when you:
  • Understand word processing software.
  • Can identify the Word program window
  • Start, Save, View, Navigate in and Edit a document.
  • Select text and format it using the Mini toolbar
  • Create a document using a template

Other software that will be used: Google Docs


As we do the above with the class, you will have the following grades taken IN CLASS for production:
  • Marketing Meeting Memorandum WA.3
  • Vietnam Tour Memo WA.4
  • Wim Fax Coversheet WA.5


Grade WA.2 - Typed Vocab

Type this and turn it in with the test - Word processing program, Autocorrect, Autocomplete, XML format, filename, toggle button, Mini toolbar, Content control, Each of the Views discussed on p 17 and what they are used for.

Additional Assignments

From the book

  1. Concepts Review p 18, 19 - Word A Concepts WA.concepts
  2. Skills Review p 19,20 WA.Skills
  3. Independent Challenge 1, p 21 WA.IC1
  4. Visual Workshop p 24 -- Will be done in Google Docs - WA.GoogleDoc
  5. Test - WordATest

Digiteen Blog Post(s)

Introductory Post digiteen_intro

  1. You will use up to 10 pictures of inanimate objects that represent you to create a movie on animoto. Make sure that the pictures are either yours, or licensed under creative commons.
  2. Blog Post --
  • Post the Animoto to your
  • You should include a hyperlink to animoto and tag your post WHS, introduction, digiteen_intro. (WHS comma introduction comma digiteen_intro)
  • Share why the pictures represent you.Talk about appropriate photos that you can use and creativecommons searching.
  • State what you hope to learn from the project.

Reflective Post


  1. After watching Growing up online, you will write a blog post to reflect on what you learned.
  2. Include:
  • A hyperlink to PBS Growing up Online
  • Write about the most important things you think you learned.
  • How do you define Digital Citizenship? Is it important? Why or why not?
  • What do you look forward to doing as part of this project?
  • Tag your post WHS, digiteen_growinguponline, reflection (WHS comma digiteen_growinguponline comma reflection)


We are currently removing this option in order to make room for digiteen. I am leaving it on the page IN CASE I wish to bring it back. DO NOT DO THIS unless I specify otherwise.

Assignment Word A1

Grade WA1.1 Teaching Activity

We split up the sections and each team covers their assigned pages in the following way:


  • You will perform the lesson and each person will get with Mrs. Davis to look at your printed project. She will assist you in making sure you understand how to do the lesson and how the final product will look. She will give a check grade for this.

Creation of a Wiki - Grade WA.1.2

  • This wiki is to demonstrate the features as shown in the book and share the vocabulary from the section. You are required to use a screen shot (Ctrl+Print Screen), a table of contents, at least 2 headings and at least 3 contextual links. (Hyperlinks are shown in the team assignment below. Use the APPLICATIONS TEMPLATE.

Class Presentation - Grade WA.1.1

  • You will present the most important information in your section to the class and guide them through performance on the task along with Mrs. Davis. Team members not presenting will assist Mrs. Davis with making sure everyone understands the task.

Proofreading of Final Product Grade WA.1.1

  • You will receive the final product from each classmate. You may proof it, mark it, and return it as you share with them what task was performed incorrectly. At five minutes till class end, all corrections are finished. You will use the production sheet to mark what is done (and is a 100 in your mind). Proofread well, if you tell me it is a 100 and you've missed something, you will receive those points off of your proofreading grade. You will receive the answer key from me.

Team Assignments and Production for each Section

This shows which team is assigned the pages and what items will be due for that team as their proofreading assignment.

Grade A.1.2 - Wiki creation

When done, tag turnin - Assignment tag: 10_3_2008_cf