Page Numbers: Word 26-Word 48
Dates: This module will take approximately one and a half weeks..


You will have mastered this section when you:
Students will have mastered the material in Word Unit B when they can

  • Cut and paste text
  • Copy and paste text
  • Use the Office Clipboard
  • Find and replace text
  • Check spelling and grammar
  • Research information
  • Add hyperlinks
  • Prepare a document for distribution

Other software that will be used: Google Docs, Zoho Writer

Files for this Chapter

When you download the file, make sure that you click save as and save a properly named copy in My Documents or your jump drive, or you may not be able to find your file.



  1. Quest Specialty Travel Press Release Word 26- Word 40. - Due 12/3
  2. Skills Review Word 43 12/4
  3. Independent Challenge 4 Word 47. Open the file, and then complete the answers and print. Due 12/12
  4. Visual Workshop - ZohoWriter 12/5

Blog Posting


cut and paste (Word 26), clipboard (Word 26), shortcut key (Word 27), drag and drop (Word 26), blog (Word 37), Save (Word 26), Save As (Word 26), System Clipboard (Word 26), Office Clipboard (Word 26), blogger (Word 37), hyperlink (Word 38), document properties (Word 40) -- DUE 12/14 on the Test