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We are using Word 2003 and the DDC Using Microsoft Office textbook until Office Vista is released in January. We complete many activities using other software programs than Microsoft Word so that we learn to intuitively use and adapt to new software programs. The students summarize their knowledge of Microsoft Word for their assigned lessons.

Lesson 1

Word Ex 1 - The Word Screen
Word Ex 2 - New documents, show hide marks, click and type, saving, previewing
Word Ex 3 - Spelling and Grammar, Thesaurus
Word Ex 4 - Auto correct, Selecting contiguous and non contiguous text, Aligning text horizontally and vertically
Word Ex 5 - Formatting a business letter, Inserting the date and time, changing case
Word Ex 6 - Tabs, Modified Block Business Letters, Shrink to Fit
Word Ex 7 - Personal Business Letter, Formatting with Fonts, Envelopes, Labels

Lesson 2

Word Ex 9 - Use proofreaders' marks, opening recent and old documents, insert and edit text, over type mode, save document with new name
Word Ex 10
Word Ex 11 - Copy and paste, drag and drop editing
Word Ex 12 -Opening as Read Only,Open a Document from Windows, Document Properties, File Types, Basic Search to Find Files.
Word Ex 13

Lesson 3

Word Ex 15
Word Ex 16- Using Symbols
Word Ex 17- Bulleted Lists, Numbered Lists, Sort
Word Ex 18- Line Spaceing, Paragraph Spacing, Indent Text
Word Ex 19
Word Ex 20

Lesson 4

Word Ex 22
Word Ex 23- Internet Basics, Use Internet Features in Word, Save a Web Page Locally, and the Favorites Folder
Word Ex 24
Word Ex 25- Drag and Drop between Workbooks and Link Workbooks

Lesson 5

Word Ex. 27
Word Ex. 30

These are some of the programs we have to choose from in this class. As we learn how to intuitively learn software, we will do exercises in Microsoft Word and in other programs. We want to emerge knowing how to learn new software and unafraid of new technologies.Microsoft Word
Word Perfect
Open Office
Abi Word
Zoho Writer
Linux **Word Processing**
Think Free