Ken Bone Bones

Inventor: Zach Howell
TreBall Industries

Description of product

KEN BONE BONES is a product that is sure to sweep the market, especially with the upcoming election. This product is also very easy to use. You order the KEN BONE BONES from our website, After that, download the app 'Choose your Bone' to select your own favorite, unique flavor to ensure you'll love them. Then, pop them bad boys in your mouth and instantly turn into a pro at politics. The only downside to the product is there are a few side effects including: hair loss, potential growth of the sexiest mustache on the planet, and not being able to get women off of you. Clear some space up on your phones because after KEN BONE BONES your phone will be blowing up with messages from jealous, non-political pros.



The following technologies have converged to make this technology possible:
  • iPhone or computer to access the website
  • iPhone or computer to download the 'Choose your Bone' app

Internet Access

You go to the website listed in the description above and sign up for a membership with TreBall Industries to put in your order of your very own bottle of KEN BONE BONES.


No, this is a one of a kind product that is sure to make others without it jealous of those who KEN BONE.
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