Website Description

This is a site where you can play free online games.

Target Audience

People who love to play video games on the computer will like this site a lot. Beware! Some games are violent.

What does this site Do

  • You can play games.
  • You can make a tag cloud in your profile of your favorite games.
  • You can post comments about the games.
  • You can post tips about how to play a game.
  • You can read tips that others have posted for a game.

How does this site follow or not follow the 6 principles of effective web design

What loads first is most important: When you go onto this site you immediately see games to play.
Easy to Navigate: The games are marked and easy to find.
Customer is important: They know their customers love games and they provide plenty.
Keep promises: They say they will provide games and that is what they do.
Shortest download time: It depends on the computer that you have, but the games loaded very fast.
Company backs up everything: I'm not sure about this one. It is hard to tell if the company backs up the games.

Suggested Improvements

The site is still under construction. You can not register as a user yet because they are improving this feature. This will eventually improve this site.

Web Site Review

I liked this site because I like to play games. They have a variety of games to play. The site is fun and easy to use.


This site won an honorable mention in the SEOmoz awards for games.
Catergories of the games listed on arcaplay:
Action and Adventure
Shoot 'em up
Top games
Alphabetical listing of all games
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