App Presentation

We made our app on Keynote and will be presenting from Rebekah's computer.

Team Members:

Elizabeth G. (10), Rebekah B. (10),Gracie B. (10)

App Overview

Scoring: 60 points broken down as follows (10 points - originality, 10 points - usefulness, 20 points - a proven need or benefit for the users of this app, 20 points graphic design)

Insert the advertising copy that will be included with your app in the app store. This should be at least 5 paragraphs and must include every single functionality that you have.

Want to be a happier person? The secret to being a truly happy person may lie in the most unlikely of places: being kind and encouraging to others! iCare offers loads of fun, creative ways for you to be a kinder, happier person by caring for others.

Don’t have time to make a homemade cake or a crafty DIY project? Don’t know the right words to encourage that friend who’s having a hard time? With iCare, you can find loads of great ways to do nice, creative stuff for your friends, family or even the guy at work. With all the nice, fun ideas iCare offers, you don’t even have to have a big imagination to be kind!

With iCare, you can find quick, simple ways to be kind to those around you and encourage your peers and yourself through iCare’s many sources of positive input.
Our features include:
  • Inspirational videos
  • A daily feed of heartening quotes and blog posts
  • Links to motivating books and other resources
  • The five love languages and the ways to be kind using them
  • Inspiring photos and quotes
  • A motivational playlist from Spotify

Sometimes life can get so hectic, it seems that you don’t have the time or energy to think of those around you, but it doesn’t take much to be kind. iCare will help remind you to take time to be kind and be happy!

  • What is my user getting by downloading this app?
The user is provided with a daily feed of blog posts from our CreativeKindness Tumblr page, which gives advice on simple ways to be kind. iCare also provides a playlist of positive, uplifting music on Spotify. All this positive energy leads contributes to an over-all happier disposition for the user.

  • Does your app have undocumented or hidden features? If so, it may be disqualified. Every single feature must be included in the app overview.
No, it does not have any undocumented or hidden features. Everything that is in our app is listed in the advertising copy.

  • Who is the target audience for this app?
Our target audience is anyone who wants to be kinder and anyone who is interested in creative ways to be kind towards others.

  • What is the need this app is meeting for that audience?
This app is helping people to live a happier and more content life by being kind to others. This helps in fulfilling the users desires to attain a genuine and lasting happiness and inner peace.

App Information (10 points)

  • What is the name of your app?
  • Are there other apps in the store with this name?
Yes, there is one other app by the same name.
  • What is your byline for the app?
Take time to be kind!

App Functionality (15 points)

Judges will use the online simulator to test for phase 1, but include your app evaluation code here. Every app must have a code.
  • Does your app work as advertised?
Yes, it works as advertised.
  • Is my app just a bundle of various app links or is it really providing some functionality as an app to the user who downloads?
It does provide functionality because we are offering various feeds and other things and links to resources, pictures, and videos.
  • Is your app just a marketing tool or does it do anything else?
It is not just a marketing tool because it actually provides a service to the user.
  • Is every part of this app working? If you you have parts that are not working, please explain why not and the steps you will take for the app to be completed within 2 weeks of receiving the green light.
There are some links that are not working because those pages aren't finished yet. But if we get the green light, we will have a larger team so we will be able to finish the app within 2 weeks.

App Evaluation Code:

App Store Submission Questions (15 points)

(if these do not have answers that Apple wants, you may be disqualified on that basis.)
1. Is your app a song or movie or book?
No, it is not.
2. Do you mention anything besides Apple products or another store in your app like Google play or Windows phone?
No, we do not.
3. Do you use the same font and font size throughout the document? Do you use title case?
Yes, we use title case and the same font and font size throughout the document.


Alpha testers of this product
Remember that every team member must alpha test the app
Name of Alpha Tester
Date of Alpha testing (Make sure the form is turned into the folder)
Elizabeth G.
Elizabeth G.
Gracie B.

Beta Testers
Each app should have 2 Beta testers (at a minimum) who have tested their app. This is a person not on your team.
Name of Beta Tester
Date of Beta Testing (Make sure the form is turned into the folder)
Brock A.

4. Does your icon look like apps bundled with the iPhone?
No, it does not.

5. Do you have any app screens that look like the apple home screen. If so, include a screenshot and explain how it is being used and why it is in the app.
No, we do not have any pages that look like the Apple home screen.

Team Responsibilities

Please include any responsibilities of team members. Add additional ones, but these must be included as a minimum. Every team member must have responsibilities.

Members of this team are:
Elizabeth G. and Rebekah B.

Individual Responsibilities

Team Member
Description of Work Accomplished
Project Manager
Elizabeth G.
Made sure both people had a job and kept the team
on schedule.
Assistant Project Manager
Rebekah B.
Helped Elizabeth with anything and did high quality
work with the jobs she was given.
Logo Design
Rebekah B.
Designed the logo.
Home Screen Design
R.B. made the logo and color scheme and E.G. used
those to make the home screen.
Elizabeth G.
Made the wireframe.
Advertising Copy
Rebekah B.
Wrote the advertising copy.
App Questions
Elizabeth G.
Went through and answered all the app questions.
Lead Presentation Designer
Rebekah B.
She designed most of the presentation slides.
Presentation Script
Both worked on it together to write the script.
Wiki Page Editor
Elizabeth G.
Edited the wiki page with some help from Rebekah.
Testing Spreadsheet Creator
Elizabeth G.
Created the testing spreadsheet.
HTML page creator
Elizabeth G.
Created the HTML page in our app.
Color Scheme and Main Designer
Rebekah B.
Designed the color scheme and icons and other
Content in App
Mostly Elizabeth G.
Made most of the pages and content within the app.
Tumblr Blog
Mostly Rebekah B.
Rebekah has done the design and posts on the Tumblr
with some help from Elizabeth.