What is it?

It is an activity performed over a computer network which allows users to save and categorize personal collection of bookmarks and share them with others.

It is the practice of saving bookmarks to a public Web site and tagging them with keywords.

It's a tool for personal knowledge management.

Blog Tutorial (Us.ef.ul)?

How does it work?

Opens the doors to new ways of organizing information and categorizing resources. Allows people to socially connect with other people and talk about interesting topics. The community of users over time will create a unique collection of keywords to define resourses.

Why would anyone want to use it?

It is a way to search for a certain topic knowing which ones most people enjoy. This makes your search easier too.

Who uses it?

Anyone who is collecting sets of resources to be shared with others

When was the term invented?

Social Bookmarking was invented June of 2000

Where are some websites that are examples?

del.icio.us, citeulike, Ma.gnolia, bookmax, pearl, Spurl, shadows, jeteye, connotea, Furl, de.lirio.us

Comparison of social bookmarking sites?

Some types of bookmarking:

Backflip, Blanklist, BlinkPro, Bookmark Buddy, Bookmark Commando, Bookmark Magic, Bookmark Teacher, BookmarkSync, Bookmarx, ClickMarks

What are the downsides?

It is done by amateurs and there is no oversite to how the resources are organized. downsides

del.icio.us -
A 12 page PDF guide called Simply del.icio.us - how to use the social bookmarking service gives an outline of how to use this. It was just updated on 12/2/05.

Hyperlinks to Social Bookmarks pages of class members:

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