Things For His Computer


Cache - special high speed memory that allows the microprocessor to access data more rapidly than from memory located elsewhere on the motherboard

  • Level 1 - Built in to the computer. you can add more without replacing the microprocessor
  • Level 2 - located on seperate chip takes longer to load on data.

Parallel processing - He would need parrallel processing to so he could execute more instructions at a time

Clock speed - He should get 3 ghz as the minimum

Word size - He should get about a 64-bit processor

Instruction set - He would use this to see what instructions the microprocessor can perform

Bench marks - He would need this to measure the speed of the microprocessor hat he will need

Intel Pentium 4 - designed to deliver performances across usages like image processor, multimedia, games, and video content creation. What type of processor he wil need

Hard drive- He should have a 160 GB 8ms hard drive

RAM- He will need between 128 MB to 1 GB of RAM, if he needs more than he can install more

  • RDRAM - he will need this because it is much faster and is in newer computers.

Expansion Devices

  • ISA - Rarely used today but were used for relatively slow modems.
  • PCI - Fast transfer speeds he will get about a 64-bit data bus ( modem, video captured card, and graphic cards)
  • AGP - Highspeed data pathway primarily used for graphic cards

Storge Devices- Mechanical apparatus that records and recieves data from a storage medium.

  • Zip drive
  • Hard disk drive
  • Cd drives
  • Video drives

Peripheral Device- component or equipment that expands a computers input, output, and storage capabilities

Monitor- He will need a LCD screen no less than 15" Active Matrix.

Warranty- He will need no less than a 2 year warranty for his computer and other stuff because he may not use it for that long.

Portability- He will not need portability because he is only going to use it as his house.