Date of lesson:Grade you'll be teaching: 6th GradeWhat app will you be using:
Team Leader (s): AkshayTeam Members: Cole, Jason, Jensen, Jake


We will greet the students. We will have the website already pulled up on the computer. We show them how to get on the game and then once they get it they will do the rest by themselves. We will walk around supervising. At 2 we will wrap up and hand out their hand outs.

Introduction and Hook

What will be your "hook" for today?We shall show them the hour of code video on, which shall be pulled up already on the projector.Who will welcome students: Jensen, Jake, and JasonWhat will be the instructions: Everybody find a computer (we will already have pulled up)What will be on the board: Studio.code.orgWho will be "running" the computer:Cole S.What will be on the student computers:Studio.Code.orgWill the student computers be logged in with a certain ID? The 10th graders will be logged in on a few computers each.

During Class

After showing the students the video, we will show them the first level on the hour of code on, after that we shall let them go on their own with our group walking around supervising a specific area or number of students. At 2:00 we will wrap up class and give them their handouts.

Ending Class

What time will you start wrapping up class?2:00

Additional Material


Who will make your handouts: I will make the handouts - Jensen Handouts

What will you hand the students to take home to their parents? We will send them home with the handouts that tell what they learned in our class that day.

Additional Jobs

I will be the photographer - Jensen : (each team should take at least 5 photos and email them along with an identification of the names of the people in the photos to Mrs. Davis by the end of class when they are teaching. Post them here without the id along with a one paragraph summary of what you did.)akshay's group 1.JPG
Vince and Finakshay 2.JPG
Akshay and Drew

Anything you need from Mrs. Davis?
Reflection and Evaluation

Put 5 photos here along with a one paragraph summary of what you did.