These are links to the archives of projects and wiki pages from past years. NOte that 9th grade computer fundamentals and 10th grade computer science primarily use this wiki to see course information while other courses primarily use it for their calendar and course information is found elsewhere.


9th - Computer Fundamentals
10th - Computer Science

2012- 2013

9th - Computer Fundamentals
10th - Computer Science


Note: This year, we moved our files to dropbox and our notes to One Note, so not all files are posted publicly. If you want to see all typical files for my courses, please review 2009-2010 or earlier. Additionally, we do have links to all student projects on the homepage of this site.




Computer Fundamentals (9th grade)

This class has been recognized for its landmark work with the Digiteen project.


This outline will evolve - pages are added as assignments are given.

Computer Basics

Word Processing

Digiteen Project

Time Management

Final Project




Computer Science (10th grade)

This class has been recognized with numerous awards for the Flat Classroom and Horizon project, with the Flat Classroom project winning the best wiki project in education award in 2007 from the International Society of Technology Educators.




Computer Science Wiki Book

Chapter 1 - Security and Privacy

2005 - 2006

Keyboarding (8th grade)


Current Events

Current Events 2007


2005 - Upper level Elective.
Accounting Notes Blog
  • PETTY CASH Oct 11, 2006
    An amount of cash kept on hand and used for making small payments is called petty cash.buisnesses usually have some small payments that are not check worthy or cost efficient so they use petty cash. They usually have a different cash fund for it.
  • Chapter 6 vocab Oct 11, 2006
    checking accountendorsementblank endorsementspecial endorsementrestrictivebank statementdishonored checkeftdebitcardpetty cashpetty cash slip
  • Scribe Post on 5-3 Oct 11, 2006
    Accounting 5-3 Vocabulary words you will need to know:Proving Cash: determining that the amount of cash agrees with the balance of the cash account in the accounting records.Correcting Entry: a journal entry made to correct an error in the ledger....
  • Owner withdrawals Sep 5, 2006
    Employee salaries are soncsidered an expense that reduces the net income of a company. IF the owner widthdraws cash from the company its not considered an expense. A business owned by one person is called proprietorship. becuase the net income of ...
  • Accounting Set Up Sep 1, 2006
    Remember that everyone should be online and participating in our blog. We will spend more time working in our blog in the coming weeks! If blogging is new to you remember that we were all beginners at some point and stick with it. It will start...


4th grade podcast - December 2006