Students are creating apps using Crescerance. Each team will complete the wiki page for their app below to be used to evaluate their app. Here are the 4 things your need for your app to be evaluated.

Item 1: Your App Should Be Working (Tuesday, March 24 is when they will be tested - you may work until 7:40 am on that day)

You'll have an app code for your app (see Mrs. Davis) that you will put on the wiki page. Your app will be tested inside Crescerance for Stage 1. Anything that is not finished should be explained on the proper item on the wiki page.

Item 2: Wiki Page on Your App Being Proposed (Due Thursday, March 19)

Students should click on their app and complete the information that they are proposing. The scoring rubric for the judges is shown on your wiki page.
  1. Virtuosity
  2. Diggity Dogs
  3. Off Roaders
  4. Drone Zone
  5. D and D Deer Corn
  6. 1DLuv
  7. In Dangered
  8. Southern Sportsman
  9. iExercise
  10. SOWEGA Hunters
  11. iFit
  12. iCare
  13. Manage Your Money
  14. Gift Guru
  15. Words Made Easy
  16. Nacho App
  17. Mad Math
  18. Westwood App

Item 3: The Foam Board (due Monday, March 23)

q At least 5 app screens
q Your Logo
q A copy of your advertising copy (Make it look like it would look in the iTunes store)
q Your byline for your app.

Item 4: Presentation information (Presentation drafts due Tuesday March 17, You are Presenting on Tuesday, March 24)

Your presentation should be 3-4 minutes long including any videos. You will embed the presentation on your wiki page.
q Everyone must present
q You may choose to wear clothes in a theme
q You should have a foam board (see above)
q You should have 4 copies of the advertising pitch document in color (1 for each judge and 1 for Mrs. Davis)
q Your presentation should be embedded on your team wiki page
q You should have the presentation in an online website
q Optional items: you may wear a tshirt with your logo.