Your end of semester assessment is due May 18th in class. A copy of the assignment is attached below. Use your creativity and the knowledge that you have learned this semester.

2007 Student eFolios

Create your efolio page name with the following naming plan First name last initial - 2007 efolio. One student has been created as an example.
Update 5/18/07 - VAD - I am marking the efolios that I have graded. If you have errors or corrections, you should type the word "corrections" and the date beside the word graded so that I know to pick those up. I will pull in final corrections on 5/20/07.

Christopher T - 2007 efolio - graded
Dustin H - 2007 efolio - graded
Dustin W- 2007 efolio - graded
Coley W - 2007 efolio - graded
Hilliary J - 2007 eFolio - graded
Sarah H- 2007 efolio - graded
Jamie C-2007 eFolio - graded
Kristi W-2007 eFolio - graded
Tristan F-2007 eFolio - graded
Kaitlyn H-2007 eFolio - graded
BrayAnna B- 2007 efolio - graded
Kyndall T-2007 efolio - graded
[[ |Sumner W-2007 efolio]] - graded
Betsy B-2007 efolio - graded
Ilissa Taylor-2007 efolio - graded
Lindsey C - 2007 efolio - graded
Gillian F - 2007 efolio - graded
Mitch B - efolio - graded
Joseph D - efolio - graded
Tayler B - efolio - graded
Gracie S-2007 efolio
Sara Ann W-2007 efolio - graded