Following is information on the procedures used to set up podcasting in our classroom. Although it took me hours to figure this out, once I came up with these steps it took approximately 15 minutes to set up the computer in the classroom to podcast.

Now, from start to finish it will take approximately 10-20 minutes to record, produce and upload each podcast. Everything we have done is using free software from the Internet. It is vital to remember that if you use any music in your podcast that it should be "free" or public domain music available from free podcasting websites.

Here are the "easy" steps -- Don't let big words fool you!

1- Prepare your microphone

A- You need a microphone ($10 at Walmart)

B - You need to plug it into the computer.

C - Make sure that the microphone speakers are not set to mute

2 - Install the software

A - We use audacity - -download and install it for free

B - Download and install

3 - Install MP drivers

A - If you are using a windows computer -- you need the LAME driver to export to MP3 format

B - Just click on any of the LAME-3.91-1 hyperlinks and download it.

C - When you unzip it extract it to the folder where you installed Audacity (Program Files --> Audacity)

4 - Open Audacity and make sure it is set up properly

A - Go to Edit --> Preferences

B - Click on the File Format Tab

C - Under MP3 Export Format click Find Library

D - Go to your folder where you put the LAME drivers (Program Files --> Audacity) -- step 3c above

E - Click OPEN

5 - Write your script

6 - You are ready to record --

A - Click the record button (red one) to record

B - Edit the file (use an audacity tutorial)

C - make sure the project rate at the bottom of the screen is set to 44100

7 - When you're done, export to MP3

A - Go to File --> Export as MP3

B - Save it somewhere where you can find it.

8 - Find a place for it on the Net

A - I recommend setting up an account at for your podcast.

B - Once you set up the account download the CCPublisher tool.

C - Follow the instructions to upload a file.

9 - Hyperlink to your file after you see that it has been uploaded.