The Wiki Hall of Fame


Digital Law Wiki - 2008 Digiteen Project including Shelby K and Will B. with their partners in Austria and Qatar. This wiki is very thorough, complete, and detailed and is one of the best I've seen on the topic!


Social Networking- by Casey C (Westwood) and Cannelle (International school Bangladesh) - This wiki is exceptional and won the authors mention in Thomas Friedman's book, the World is Flat. They did amazing work!

Mobile Phones - by Katie Beck and her team on the Horizon Project 2007. Excellent work!

Blocking Spyware and Pop-up ads - Andrew S & Tyler - August 2006 - PIONEER
This is a good wiki because it has excellent contextual links. It is well written and includes video. This group pioneer the use of video and although the sound is a little muffled at points, they shot from multiple angles, recorded narration, used video editing software, and added music that was share alike licensed on creative commons. Good job!

Web 2.0 - The Computer Department
This was our first groundbreaking wiki done as a class. It belongs in the Hall of Fame because we had three classes working on it and we were all beginners. We learned how to edit and create meaningful

Word Ex 12 - Gillian, Jamie, Betsy, Kristi - October 2006
This is an excellent wiki because it uses graphics and is attractively formatted. It also has a table of contents.Good job!

Life Cycle of Computer Hardware- Andrew S. Tyler F. - October 2006
This is a great web page on the product life cycle. Although the video rendered in a jerky mechanism, this was the software and no fault of this team. They did an excellent job!

Honorable Mention

Format Painter - Annabelle L. and John V - This belongs in the wiki hall of fame honorable mention because of the excellent screen capture tutorial that was created by the students. Although this page could have used a little better organization and table of contents, it is a very nice job!

The Invention of Microprocessors - Katie - Sept 2006
This is excellent! It is just missing hyperlinks! It is very well organized, visually appealing , and has a cool video of a microprocessor being assembled from YouTube.

How to be Inducted into Wiki Hall of Fame

Unless the project specifies otherwise, wikis are to be fact based. If you think you have been overlooked, e-mail Mrs. Davis at, include your hyperlink and the reasons why you think your wiki meets the essential criteria.

An effective wiki shows the following:
  1. A collaborative effort (as seen in the history) --
    Several participants have contributed. Wikis are collaborative. Each person brings their strengths and contributes things that they are good at to the project.
  2. Visual appeal
    Graphics are used as needed and add to the message. Graphics are not distracting and used where needed to further explain a topic. If does not look cluttered.
  3. Organization
    A table of contents is used, headings and underlines are used appropriately.
  4. Hyperlinks to sources
    An effective wiki hyperlinks sources and gives readers additional information about the topic. Because most people tend to not trust wikis (they don't know the authors), you must include a variety of hyperlinks to be considered an effective source of information. As people follow your hyperlinks, they will begin to look at the information you've linked to. They will learn that you are an authority and that you've "done your homework." Make sure that you have checked your hyperlinks and that they work.
  5. Original, intelligent wording
    The effective wiki summarizes information but never copies it! (Cite your sources.) The wording is intelligent and meaningful and jargon is not used. Wikis may be read by a global audience and authors must keep that in mind.

    Optional but beneficial wiki traits
  6. Multi-sensory tools are used
    The use of sound and/or video involves the wiki reader more through the increased engagement of hearing and sight. When it is used effectively, it can boost you into the hall of fame because you have more thoroughly taught your reader about your subject.
  7. RSS Feeds and Cutting edge tools are used
    Pioneers are often recognized for their ability to venture into new places that others are afraid of. Our wiki pioneers will be recognized as they learn about new technology and integrate it into their page. These technologies include RSS Feeds, video, podcasts, and any other new Web 2.0 technology that we come across. Be the first and be unafraid!